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Trust-Driven Development


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Trust Driven Development is about the profession of building successful software. It talks about about planning for change, about process, and above all, about trust.

Process is what we do to make sure that everybody on a project has a shared sense of state and of goals. Trust is what happens when we match that shared state and meet those goals.

At some point in your software project, something will go wrong. There will be a miscommunication or a sudden change of requirements. You might even make a mistake. What happens then depends on a lot of factors, some of which are outside your control.

One factor that is in your control is whether you’ve presented yourself as worthy of your partner’s trust so that rough spots along the project path can be approached in sprit of collaboration and not fighting over blame.

Bad process and a lack of trust cause real difficulty in projects and make developer and customer lives more painful. It can be better. This book can help.

The final book will be about 175 pages, DRM-free PDF, ePub and mobi formats.

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